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来源Why You Need To Know About Restorative Yoga

Why You Need To Know About Restorative Yoga:


“Restorative yoga is an act of kindness towards yourself” Judith Lasater


Imagine a yoga class that encourages you lie on your back, or at least a bolster ….. most of the time.   A yoga class that supports you no matter what your age or what your body is currently going through – pregnancy, anxiety, recovering from illness, menopause, breathing problems, exams, moving house, deadlines, lack of energy, moon day cycle or changing jobs.


This my friends, is the wonderful world of Restorative Yoga.  A very gentle, therapeutic form of yoga helping you relax with the support of props (blankets, pillows, chairs, bolsters) to move your spine, calm your mind and heal.  You certainly don’t need any previous yoga experience or a flexible body to enjoy the benefits.


As part of the preparation for my upcoming 4 day teacher training with visiting American yoga teacher, Judith Lasater Ph D I’m reading with great care and detail her book –  Relax and Renew – Relaxing yoga for stressful times. Judith is considered a pioneer and leading world authority on Restorative Yoga and I felt its the perfect book to share with you.


I highly recommend “Rest and Renew”


The book is more of a “step by step” guide to over 50 restorative yoga postures.  In fact, the book is written in such a way that you feel like you are learning from Judith in person – whilst still in the comfort of your own home.   It’s easy to follow, lots of well explained instructions, carefully explained steps for setting up in the pose and plenty of photo’s (I personally need lots of photos to learn).


Great chapters on:


* poses for insomnia    * poses for difficulty breathing    * poses for lower back pain    * opening to menopause    * poses during pregnancy    * poses for headaches    * poses for when there is no time and you are super stressed


Restorative yoga at a glance:


1:   Gently opens up areas of your body which tend to close down during stress

1. 轻柔地打开你重压下紧缩的身体。

2: Your body is fully supported (blankets cushions) requiring little physical effort, creating the space for deep relaxation

2. 你的身体完全被瑜伽毯或垫子支撑着,不需要你的身体做出什么努力

3: Restorative yoga postures are generally held for 5 – 20 minutes or longer to trigger the relaxation response

3. 养生瑜伽的体位一般要保持5~20分钟,甚至更长时间,以引发你体内的放松反应。

4:   Nourish and calms your adrenals and nervous system

4。 放松你的肾上腺和神经系统。

5:  Helps enormously dealing with anxiety and nervousness

6:   Improves blood and oxygen flow throughout your body as your muscles are given permission to relax

5。 很大程度上帮助解决身心的焦虑和紧张。


7: Boosts the exchange of oxygen & waste products across the cell membrane.

7。 推进细胞膜中氧气的呼入与废气的排出。

8:   Stimulates and soothes your organs.

8。 平复你的器官。

9: Gently moves and twists your spine.  A flexible spine is the key to good health.

9。 轻轻地移动扭曲你的脊柱。灵活的脊柱对于健康的身体至关重要。

10: Balances the female/male energies in the body

10。 平衡身体的阴阳两极。

11: Helps improve your quality of sleep

11。 帮助提升睡眠质量。

12: All the organ systems of the body benefit during deep relaxation

12。 当身心完全放松的时候所有器官系统都将得益。

13: Inverted postures (such as legs up wall) greatly alter hormone levels, improve blood and lymph flow

13。 扭转身体的体位(比如腿倚墙体)能很大地改善体内荷尔蒙,促进血液和淋巴循环。

14:   Gives you a greater sense of inner calm or inner stillness


If restorative yoga speaks to you, then Relax and Renew – Relaxing yoga for stressful times is the perfect starting point.  There are always times in our life when a softer, gentler style of yoga is what our body and nervous system need. It’s an absolutely perfect practice to do at the end of the day to help us switch off, unwind and integrate the day.




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